Kalei Pre-Bridals (more coming)

Okay so I am trying to do more write ups on my posts which is definitely not my forte so bare with me.   I will try and go back and update my older posts also.

This is kalei's pre bridal shoot.   I had so much fun taking her pictures. She was so easy going and can I say very photogenic.   She definitely made my life easy.   In fact when we were going through her pictures afterward she said she was going to be a model but found out she was too short.     Can you believe it?

We had so many great pictures from this session it was hard for me to choose my favorites to post!  Like always I get clicking away and I have hundreds of pictures and how is a girl to decide in a handful of favorites?!

Friend Time Capsule

This is my sister in law Sierra and her group of friends.   To be honest I have no idea how to categorize this photo shoot, but it was such a fun idea I had to help out.

They are putting together a time capsule and wanted some pictures with their whole group of friends.  They were such a fun and friendly group.   I had a lot of fun taking their pics.   It made me feel young again.  :-)

Miss Iron County Rodeo 2013 (more to come)

This was my first year going to the rodeo pageant.  I gotta say the little ones are my favorite.  They are so darling and I was so impressed that they could ride their horse so well and some were only 7 years old nope that is not a typo 7 years old.   And I have to admit I have never ever been on a horse before so I didn't know much about the horsemanship part of the pageant, but it was sure fun to watch.   Some of those girls were flying by so fast on their horse I could barely catch them with my camera!   I am pretty sure I would be screaming my head off if I was going that fast but those cuties love it.  (and yes a am total wuss)

The next day they did the typical pageant stuff with the dress and interviews.  They all did so good all their parents were so proud.   I was so sad that I had to leave before they announced the winners but glad I didn't have to choose because the all did so well!